Predict the direction of my life is quite difficult. Sometimes I wonder if this is the right direction. However, after considering these will be one of subchapters in my life in the macroscopic view, I appreciate the opportunities.

Until 19, I used to live in the country of Korea. Whenever I visited Seoul, I felt something overwhelming because everything is too big and unfamiliar. Once I began studying in SKKU, I had many chances to visit places around Seoul. Then, I realized it is also same where people live.

In the age of 20, I was afraid to serve military service because I have heard about lots of absurdity there. I still remember, though it has been more than 10 years, the day of entering the camp. I was forced to follow disciplines and orders. It was tough, but it was also the place where people live.

After completing my military service of 2 years, I started working in family restaurant; outback steak house. I worked previously as a private tutor because I studied in the prestigious university. I could make money using my privilege, but I decided working as one of average people to experience. It was tough, but it was also the place where people live.

With my savings from working from outback steakhouse, my first life abroad began in Australia. This time, I was extremely nervous because I have not spoken single English with foreigners. Also, as expected, I could not speak a simple sentence, and also listen a single word. However, time solved my problem by meeting people. I knew nobody there, so went to the Sydney state library and listen ABC radio every 8 hours and started talking to janitor of the library. Long story short, it was also the place where people live.

At the night of Jan, 3, 2016, I could not sleep because tomorrow was my first day of working in Hyundai Mobis. Finally, my status converted from a student to an employee. Facing lots of new people is great as well as demanding. For majorities, I will be only one, but for me, they are almost hundred. Everyday getting to know new colleagues, new supervisors, and new partners. Through a few months, I faced myself who live in the iteration of every day. So, a big company is also the place where people live.

Cutting the similar stories. Coming Germany to study master. Again, the combination of being nervous and excited concluded in realizing that it was also the place where people live. Currently, I am building a company. As far as I felt till today, this is a very different thing because of the infinite future value of my work. Of course, I realize that it will be either zero or one. There are multiple theories to explain the causes of deciding zero or one such as Indefinite/definite optimism/pessimism. I spare my word because I want to open for all possible direction for now.

Every paragraph describes that I had a challenge. Afterwards, I realized again and again that everything is a subchapter of my story. Next life decisions will be affected by this lesson.