Develop technology to make life better

Here is my technology repo.
Anyone can use my work.
Feel free to use it to help others.

I. Demo

  1. Drone Vision
    Drone Vision DEMO
    Click the image to watch video clip.

  1. 3D reconstruction
    3D reconstruction DEMO
    Click the image to watch video clip.
    developed at hexafarms

  1. Data Science
    Data Science DEMO
    Click the image to watch video clip.

  1. Image processing Analsis DEMO

  1. Web application: Sensor and User accounts management

  1. LLM powered web chatbot
    • Natural Language Processing, Word Embedding
    • Design Concurrency Functionality
    • Prompt Engineering
      developed at hexafarms

  1. MLOPs&HyperParameter Tuning
    • Fully Open source-based full MLOps-HyperParameter tuning pipeline

  1. Time-series Forecast
    • Develop domain knowledge-supported custom ML MultiConstrainedLinearRegression
    • Feature based Imputation (Transformer/ML-based, statistic)
    • Feature Engineering
    • XAI (Explainable AI) to understand why model performs better or worse developed at hexafarms

II. More Source Codes

  1. openHexa
  2. MultiConstrainedLinearRegression
  3. cvOps
  4. Compute pixel’s actual dimension
  5. YOLO data generator
  6. Image classification & mass estimation based on segmentation mask
  7. Image cropping for generating training samples
  8. Image Segmentation using Graph-cut
  9. Wildfire prediction using timeseires data
  10. MLflow+HyperOpt+MMOpenLab wraper
  11. Berlin Reservation Bot

III. Research

  1. Deep Learning-Based Semiautomatic Generation of HD maps from Aerial Imagery, Master thesis
    Sharing the source code requires approval of the institute, ika. Contact me if you are interested in the algorithm in detail.
  2. Deep Aerial Mapper: TBD

IV. Learning

  1. Camera Parameter
  2. Point Cloud Library
  3. 3D Reconstruction
  4. Color and Illumination
  5. Feature extraction
  6. Plant nutrient deficiency
  7. Public Leaf dataset
  8. Plant biology
  9. ROS2, Udemy
  10. Advanced C++, Coursera
  11. Data Structure
  12. Airflow, Udemy
  13. Open3d
  14. Elixir, Phoenix
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