Embracing Polymathy: A Personal Odyssey into Interdisciplinary Mastery

Choosing the path of polymathy is a profound exploration of self. While collaboration with experts from diverse domains is undeniably crucial, the essence lies in a more personal revelation.

Within the intricate tapestry of knowledge, understanding oneself becomes the anchor. Navigating through the nuanced gray areas and unraveling complexities requires not only a grasp of various domains but also a deep awareness of personal strengths and limitations.

In this unique journey, the synergy of interdisciplinary expertise and self-discovery is the compass, guiding the polymath through the uncharted territories of comprehensive knowledge. It’s not just about mastering diverse fields; it’s about an intimate dance between external exploration and internal understanding, creating a truly individualized approach to the pursuit of wisdom.

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1% Change makes great difference.

Learning is the joy of living. Growing up is the reason for my life. Looking for the opportunity to grow together.

My Journey

  • Serve Military Duty in the Special Forces, instilling in me discipline, resilience, and a profound sense of duty.
  • Adventures in Sydney, Australian, serviving in Austraila without knowing the language, without money. learning the language and fiding jobs.
  • Volunteer Math Teacher for students from less fortunate families, a commitment to community.
  • Graduate BSc (Mechanical Engineering) at SKKU (South Korea)
  • Research Engineer Hyundai Motors, embracing the transformative potential of data science in car manufacturing.
  • Graduate MSc (Robotics) at RWTH (Germany), integrating professional and academics.
  • Deep Aerial Mapper, Co-authored with the thesis supervisor contributing to both the academic community and practical applications.
  • Zero to One, My startup swiftly achieved a $4k MRR in seven months, testament to our innovative solutions and market fit.
  • Laser-focus on building a business that matters, exploring collaborative growth opportunities.
  • The entrepreneurial journey began with the co-foundation of a startup, selected in Techstars program and then succeeded in raising 1.3 Million Euros in pre-seed.

My narrative has been listed as the top story by the Human Resources Development Service of Korea (HRDK). (Published in Korean.)

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Don't be limited in the well's constraints, let's shape the world.