Who am I?

value creator using technology

There are still big rooms for a better world.

Want to be a polymath, rather than a specialist.

Interdisciplinary research is a key to accomplishing it, but there is a limit to achieving it by communicating with experts in another domain.
There are gray areas that could be properly analyzed and solved, only if one has a profound understanding of multiple domains.

different penguin
1% difference makes everything.

Learning is the joy of living. Growing up is the reason for my life. Looking for the opportunity to grow together.

My journey

  • Born in South Korea
  • Studied Mechanical engineering at one of the top Universities (SKKU)
  • Served in special force
  • Became a hotelier in Australia after military service
  • Taught math at Anyang middle school
  • Led the data science in the manufacturing of electric vehicles in Hyundai motors
  • Realized the power of AI
  • Studied Robotics at one of the top Universities in Germany (RWTH)
  • Accomplished master’s program as No.1 (fastest graduate with the best grade)
  • Researched computer vision
  • Founded a startup
  • Got into Techstars (one of top startup out of 6000 startups all over the world)
  • Published open source-focused research paper: Deep Aerial Mapper
  • Developed software customers love (4k MRR in 7 months)
  • Discovering & fast-building product customers want
  • Scaling a business
bird in aquarium
A bird lives within an aquarium. But the computer gives super power to learn and help others.