I used to be a job seeker. I complained a lot why it takes so much time to find a job. I had to look for companies from platforms such as Linked, Xing and also searched for companies which are promising and solve for interesting problems.

Currently, I am an interviewer. I evaluate people and hire them. I have read thousands of CVs and interviewed hundreds of applilcants. It is again very challenging to find out a good talent as a company.

Why both parties feel it is so challenging to find each other? I believe that the world is the sequence of matching. It is sometimes lovers. A boy and a girl like each other, then they become a couple. It applies to an interviewer and an interviewee. They look for the right matching. It is all about timing and luck. However smart, charming, nice you are, if what the company looks for doesn’t match with your profile, it is not going well.

In every rejection letter, I want to include all my heart saying that you are great, but just we are not a match. Please don’t be disappointed from the rejection letter. You are amazing.