One of the most common topics to start a conversation is the weather.
Weather is changing periodically so that people know how the average weather looks like for each different month.
I have lived in Germany for 3 years and have noticed that people’s behavior as well as attitude differs significantly based on the weather condition.
Life in Saarland has been more than half year but I couldn’t make local friends. Probably covid and gloomy winter weather affected a lot. Probably wearing a mask affects more than if there is prevalent covid or not.
People (or any living creature) tend to open to others who have a common in different environments.
For example, if I met Korean in international tech forum, then we (the Korean and I) could feel a sense of sharing a value.
However, I met Korean in Korean church in Germany, then we are don’t feel a sense of special community.
Likewise, wearing mask reduce the chance of feeling “same”.
These stories could be a cliché, but here’s the reason why I introduce it. How can you use this principle to connect with right people?
However different you and I, there must be a sense of common parts by emphasizing different environments. Some could criticize that you shouldn’t gather with similar people.
Difference makes society stronger.
It is absolutely right, but what decide if different or same?
It depends again what is the variable we consider to decide the degree of difference.
Whomever different is she/he, first find common parts, and second define different environment.