How do you collaborate?

Either you belong to the team or working as a freelancer, it’s inevitable you work with others. In collaboration, the simple rule of Mathematics does not work. Simply speaking, 1+1 is not 2.

It can be sometimes 10 which is called synergy effect.

It can be sometimes 1.5 which has often happended when two share the same(similar) task between people of similar skills and work-background.

As the collaboration will not be just one, but with multiple entities, set up the clear boundary between work scope and what to “collaborate” is critical.

This topic is not a science, but rather an art. I can’t simply drive the physical formular.

But it’s something like Performance( sigma(person_i) ) = ( sigma (Performance(person_i) ) * 1 / (MECE-ness of team member)

  • MECE: Mutually Exclusive and Collectively Exhaustive (How each can complement another’s weak point.)

MECE-ness is again so abstract that no formular, but the diversity is one of the key factor to measure. Diversity does not mean only gender and ethnicity. It includes professional background, thought processes, characteristic, etc.

Therefore, the balance among these features is key in team building.