Your mind decides whether what you are doing now makes you happy or stressed. One of the vivid cases is the different perspectives between a business trip and a touristic trip. Let’s use my example to clarify what it means.

Since customers need hexafarms solutions around the world, it’s inevitable to work only in one city, Berlin currently. My business trip the last weekend was to Cartagena, Spain. It is a beautiful city with a good climate, hospital local people, and delicious seafood. When I had just a few hours after work, it was fun. However, now I start writing this essay in the middle of 14 hours of a long journey, and it is extremely painful to be in the buses and planes.

In my memory for traveling for vacation, it was not a big issue even if I had to fly more than half a day, and on a Jeep for more than 4 days in the desert. One reason can solely explain why. Whether I treat this moment as a part of what I love to do or what I should do. As I like my job, loving what you do is not the point that makes the difference. There is research done regarding human psychology. Participants who were asked to perform one specific repetitive and boring job achieved less. On the flip side, participants who had choices of work and decided to do the same job led better outcomes.

From the research as well as my feeling, I could apply this lesson in my life and also in a business. When I should ask someone what I wish the person do, don’t solely give the task. Rather giving her/him a few options with the prior knowledge that she/he will choose the work I intended. If it’s applied in my case, one task is not merely awarded but I should have done a comparison with other possible tasks. Then I had more attachment to this task since task is chosen by me.

The theory is enough now, so time to behave from now on.