Book summary of starting a talk.

  1. Flooding smile
    • Have a smile as a default. People approach to you.
  2. Sticky eyes
    • Staring people’s eye even after the speaker stop talking.
  3. Hello old friends
    • Remember the second time meeting people, and treat them as if old friends.
  4. Always wear a whatzit
    • Some items to initiate the conversation. Some special small items.
  5. Never the naked City/Job
    • Don’t start with the question “Where are you from?” or “What do you do?”
    • This question will be anyway asked to each other. And don’t simply saying I’m from korea. I’m a engineer. Flesh it out and try to connect with the situation.
  6. Parotting
    • Never be speechless again. Like a parrot, repeat the last few words your conversation partner spoke.
  7. Encore
    • Tell them about the time you … . The sweatest sounds a performer hear is the ask of “Encore”.
  8. Latest news
    • Anything happend “today” is a great initiator.