It’s better to know better something disturb and annoy you. People tend to believe that they know themselves. However, the more one contemplate for yourselves, you will realize that the less you know confident how much you understand yourselves. Thanks to multiple psychological researches, I could, at least, get the clues of how human being misunderstood.

  1. Our minds’ strongest intuitions are often totally wrong. Intuitively, we aim for something to be happy. But It is often wrong.
  2. Our minds don’t think in terms of absolutes; our minds judge to relative reference points “The measurement of welfare and well-being; the Leyden approach” from van Praag showed that reference points mess up good salaries. For every 1 euro increase in your actual income, your “required income” increases by 1.4 euro.
  3. Our minds are built to get used to stuff wonderful things are especially wonderful the first time they happen, but their wonderfulness wanes with repetition.
  4. We don’t realize that our minds are built to get used to stuff We expect that something negative will destroy our life and emotion. However, it won’t be.

These lessons will protect me to consume my emotion, and lead to spend my energy to right direction.