Countless jobs exist in the world.
Some work for one of the countless jobs in one’s life, and some work for a few jobs of them.
Another job title, so called entrepreneur, is given when you create more jobs in this world.
If you have a vision to impact the world, then some unsolved problem should be found, validated, and solved by you.
Every single step which you have to make induces pain.
Entrepreneur should have a solid belief that you tackle the right problem, and can lead your business to the sustainable path.
Solid belief doesn’t block all your internal anxiety and opportunity cost of another choice.

Every entrepreneur deserves the respect of their choice and one’s courage.
However, great courage and will can guarantee only praise, nothing more in the jungle of business.

Every founder of start-ups no matter how they succeeded or failed, once firmly believed their idea, plan, and capability are great.
A founder believes that one is not invested because investors couldn’t understand one’s idea, and vision.
An investor’s job is to understand and appreciate the value and likelihood of success of the business.
With this respect, an investor is more likely to be correct in estimating the success rate.

It doesn’t mean one should be disappointed by the negative feedback, rather regards it as a nutrient to drive oneself toward right direction.
Mentality of reaching for rejections and absorbing feedbacks is bitter but definitely working drugs.