1. Disillusionment

  • Truth is, I just don’t understand what’s going on in the wrold.
  • People become impatient or bored by all the talk of AI, Big data, bioengineering, but the magic work to snap them back to attention is jobs.
  • It is much harder to struggle against irrelevance than against exploitation.

    2. Work

  • No one knows whether AI will create more jobs or reduce jobs.
  • The clear point is that the number of highly skilled job will increase (drone operator, data scientist, …) but the shift from the less skilled job (cashiers, drivers, …) to advance job is not likely to be easy.
  • If there will be more irrelevant people in society, should government provide basic necessities for lives? then what will be the level of basic lives? Isn’t it the utopia of communism?
  • People with basic subsidies from Israel government has the highest life satisfaction, because they are not miserable, but they learn and debate for Talmud. (one needs the motivation&reason of life.)

    3. Liberty

  • All wealth and power might be concentrated in the hands of a tiny elite. (not exploitation, far worse irrelevance.)
  • Human make decision based on feeling, not thinking. Thus we are very irrational. However, the algorithm surpass the rationality of human. In this point, the dictatorship, such as from china, rusia, north korea, could make better performance, because the machine learning requires the certered data to achieve the better performance.
  • When it comes to make ethical decision of autonomous vehicle, it would be a solution as a company that giving options to buyer whether to take altruism or egoism.
  • AI and conciousness are two totally different concepts. therefore no one has to worry about the scientific fiction which robot rebel humankind. On the other hand, people should realize the importance of developing human consciousness. Further down the road, AI will give all options and we will simply choose one of them, such as we choose the commute route or pick the movie to watch in this evening. If we are not careful, we will end up with down-graded humans misusing upgraded computers to wreak havoc on themselves and on the world.

    4. Equality

  • those who owns the data will have super power in the future, because unlike land and machines, data is everywhere and nowhere at the same time, it can move at the speed of light and you can create as many copies of it as you want.
  • It will irresistible to disconnect, if the insurance company don’t want to take care of you, and your employer don’t want to hire you when you made that decision.

    5. Community

  • Dream of facebook: uniting humankind online. Humankind has alway been divided into diverse civilisations, but it might be different in 21st century. Long time ago, humankind was divided into countless isolated tribes. with each passing millennium, these fused into larger and larget groups, creating fewer and fewer distinct civilisations. With the advent of social networking, it could be even fewer.
  • Tech giant can easily evade tax to government, because it is not clearly traceable. If Facebook can serve his dream and even being friendly to offline while profitable, it will be ideal.

    6. Civilisation

  • Gorilla and Chimpanzi had same ancestors 7 milion years ago. Chimpanzees live in mixed groups of males and females. Amid gorillas, in contrast, a single dominant male establishes a harem of females, and usually expels any adult male that might challenge his position. Once this happend, individuals belonging to different species can’t produce fertile offspring together.
  • The process of human unification has taken two distnct forms: establishing links between distinct groups, and homogenising practices across groups.
  • People know more from the enemy, rather than business partner. USA has 50 times more film about Vietnam than Taiwan.
  • Many countries has different political and religion system, but they all share science and capitalism.

    7. Nationalism

  • Appropriate nationalism is nice to keep loyalty of people and cooperate each toher, unless it goes beyond. Nationalism makes people to achieve challenges such as building dam which is difficult for one tribe.
  • Potential of nuclear war anihilates extreme nationalism.
  • Rapid development of AI and bio-tech will be shared regardless of nation, which means inevitable Globalization.
  • If the speed of global warming exceed the threshold, then because the amount of refleted sunlight in glacier, the rate of melting glacier will significantly increase. Revolutionary technologies such as feeding meet-cell could be the solution of it.
  • EU is the exemplary of globalisation, which remain their proud of their own national identities and history, and forge a comon destiny.

    8. Religion

  • Religion has been lost much of its power from science. People go to see doctor and check the weather from the forecast not priest or shaman.
  • Priest study science and economy to give solution to their people, but use some phrase from the bible, Koran. This is not diffcult to relate some phrases of bible with their opinion.
  • World try to have one civilization, but nationalism and religion try to divide them.

    9. Imigration

  • Culturism is different with Racism.
  • If culturism is based on reasonable logic and affluent experience, then nobody can blame this.
  • It is likely to rely on statistics, and it is not very bad, but there must be some other factors such as gene, his/her personal history.
  • Europe (especially Germany) is the exemplary, so if they find a middle path that would enalbe it to keep its gates open to strangers without being destabilised by people who don’t share its values, this formula will be applied to the world.

    10. Terrorism

  • Terrorism is one of the effective way to reshuffle the card. Since the material damage caused by terrorism is negligible, the state could theoretically do nothing about it.
  • How should the state deal with terrorism? 1. governments should focus on clandestine actions against the ttor networks. 2. the media should keep things in perspective and avoid hysteria. but it often obsessively reports terror attacks and greatly inflates their danger. 3. imagination of each and every one of us shouldn’t be captive to their reason of exploitation.

    11. War

  • In past, the victory of war guarantee the high profit, such as gold mine, grain field. However, recent wealth is based on the technical and institutional knowledge, which the winner can’t conquer.
  • The only successful war was the Kremlin, this is because no one really want to break the war. No one could guarantee that it will repeat once again, later.

    12. Humility

  • The concept of humility, such as help others as you treat yourselves, is explained by Confucius before the advent of Jesus or Muhamad. Religion can’t explain everything.
  • You (your nation, religion) are not the canter of the world.
  • Monotheism comes from the Roman empire, and it generates the bigotry., because everything except you should be wrong.

    13. God

  • Believers claim that Science can’t explain ‘Bigbang-theory’, so their holy book is right. However, ihis religious regulation force people to cover their hair and persecute gay marriage. This is contradictory, because the deeper the mysteries of the universe, the less likely it is that whatever is responsible for them gives a damn about female dress codes or human sexual behaviour.
  • These holy book don’t explain protons are 1837 times more massive than electrons.
  • Regardless the contents in the holy book, people behave ethically. For example, hurting other people who is not your tribe.

    14. Secularism

  • Secular education does not mean a negative indoctrination that teaches kids not to believe in God. Rather, secular education teaches children to distinguish truth from belief; to develop their compassion for all suffering beings.
  • If I want my religion, ideology, or world view to lead the world, my first question should be ‘what was the biggest mistake your religion, ideology or world view committed’?

    15. Ignorance

  • Most human decision are based on emotional reactions and heuristic shortcuts rather than on rational analysis. they are woefully inadequate in the Silicon Age.
  • If you want truth, you need to escape the black hole of power, and allow yourself to waste a lot of time wandering on the periphery. Revolutionary knowledge rarely makes it to the center, because the center is built on existing knowledge.

    16. Justice

  • People are biased in making decision of charity. Long times ago, people only need to make rational decision in a few km distance and a few dozens of people. However, the life of modern ages gets very complicated. People are ignorant if this shoes are made out of the exploitation of children labor.
  • Life style with pursuing secularism is not enough to solve the global problem. Of course neither global community, such as Americans, Chinese, Muslims are trustworthy. Therefore we officially enter the post-truth era.

    17. Post Truth

  • If only million people believe something for a few months, then it is called fake-news or fictions. However, if hundreds of people believe something for a thousand years, then it is called religion.
  • Scholar had two choice, 1. tell the truth to the people, but ununified them. or 2. tell the fiction, and unify them. Religion has been prosperous because the took the second option.
  • If I want good information, I have to pay enough money. Free information is biased.