It has been quite a long time to journal on this page.

Writing a journal is a significantly effective method to arrange my schedule, goal, thoughts, and feeling.

I’m sure that I’m kinda person who keeps track of daily routine and achieve my decision but, in terms of journaling, I am really bad.

Whenever I check the last journal, it is normally more than a month even half a year.

That means I only use this invaluable habit on some occasion, such as depressed mood, special days.

That’s why the decision of making a new habit was made 10minitues ago when I read the article about how to create a habit of writing a journal.

This website is amazing. This is introduced by one of the motivator on Youtube, and she recommended this website for practising English. In the perspective of practising English, it is already an incredible website, because it provides a variety of topics and also great sources to experience well-written articles.

In order to have a wonderful holiday with Grace, I am heading to study right after this writing.

However, I am so happy and satisfied with this moment. I do what I want.

URL of Lifehack :