People think in a similar manner

Every time political issues, regional conflicts, and religious difference is introduced in articles, it seems that there are so many different views. Countless examples have come up in my mind in a minutes. Gender issues, pension issues, taxation issues, and all hot potatos start from the discrepancy of belief. One may say people are different, so arguments are inevitable. However, when it is pondered that only few are highlighted and in general they are akin. People think Nazis and KKK are too extreme, so they are the complete opponent of us. However, if whole life and society could be summarized in a relational database with multiple table, it will end up with lots of similarities rather than partitioning different human beings. Initially, it may sound harsh because we want to keep ourselves as far as possible from those “wrong” groups. It simply generates a straw man to lull us by ignoring becoming a steel man.

One line summary of my point

Admitting that all people, even those tagged as completely wrong, are untimately alike me.