It is not necessarily bad, even if you couldn’t understand it.

Evaluating something or someone is inevitable in our professional and personal life. It happens when you are going through recruitments, investments, purchases, examinations, and so on. However smart and educated you are, you are highly likely to be ignorant in the most of domains in the world. This is the unavoidable result because modern society is highly specialized in countless domains. Long times ago, it was relatively feasible that one great person achieves multiple domains. In 21st centuries, let’s admit that there will be lots of things you won’t be able to judge properly.

True courage is to admit you don’t know it.

I have grown up in an Asian society where humbleness is a beautiful virtue. In general, people are reluctant to show off directly how great you are. At the same time, people are also disinclined to say “I don’t know it.”. I have experienced years professionally and academically in Germany and Korea, so comparing the general tendency of human behaviours. In western, people are more likely to show off well. Of course, they are unwilling to say you are ignorant in the field. It is even worse if you have been through quite decent education and career. Experience in a big company doesn’t mean you know how to run a startup. Doctor degree in the business doesn’t mean you know how to augment the value of a company.

Simplification is good only in learning, but how things work in the real world shouldn’t/can’t be simplified.

Simplification allures us to keep every mechanism of the world simple. Current inflation results from the Russian war. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo caused world war1. The ambition of Adolf Hitler led to world war2. These are the prevalently believed examples of simplification. All event, and accidents happened and will happen not because of one causality. It will be essential to realize that every causality is highly complex/ Thus, it is often important to grasp the whole context and make a resolution based on a partial understanding.

A message to myself.

I’m afraid that someday I will feel like I know alot and will ignore others because I can’t understand. I hope that this journal will enlighten me when I’m misbehaving.