My lesson in learning new languages

I am trying to be poly-lingual.
Most of poly-lingual have childhood background for learning and experiencing multi culture.
However, I lived until 19 only in one town in South Korea.
Therefore, my journey to become a multi-language speaker could give lessons to people.
In this article, my goal is not how to become poly-lingual, but the lessons I had for the last 10 years.
Prevalent reason of learning new language is to get the better job.
First and superficial motivation is to submit higher score of English tests and to go through English job interview well.
However, this is negligible benefit (I’d say less than 1% of benefit).
The best advantage of speaking multiple language is cultural comprehension.
Language has developed through human history in the region.
Experiencing a language means understanding the mechanism of human itself.
Ok, this is a quite abstract explanation.
If you can speak Korean, so first of all I can effectively lower the wall between you and People from Korea.
Anytime you watch Netflix movie, you could understand why young people use different gesture and attitude to older.

I was amazed when I learn new programing languages, too.
My mother tongue is python, which is interpreter language.
Benefit of dynamic typing has been so natural to me.
Once I get to know C, which is compiler language, it introduces me to the world of complex but amazing world of computer.

The more I learn about different languages, the more lesson I achieve beyond languages.