The science of well-being is one of the topics I have been reading and thinking often.
Good job, good salary, properties, good grade, true love, and perfect body are prevalently believed as one of key factors for well-being.
However, most of them has significantly negligible effect on well-being.
Since we live in economy-driven society, money matters relatively much.
However, it affects dramatically for those developing countries, because money can only guarantee fresh water, health care, and so on.
Based on several researches, after reading annual income of 75k dollars, happiness is leveled off even if the income rises.
Most of material driven people are also like to suffer depression in their life.
The reason is obvious because the economic success is relative. Which means they will seek for more money, bigger house, fancier automobile.

Then what is the mental driven factor for well-being?
In the course of the science of well-being from Yale, I had an assignment to list what I gratitude in my daily life, and also try to savor it.
In this context, savor means keep distance from some phenomenon or event, and observe the value of it.

Currently I’m working on building world-changing technologies. Since I have to learn and integrate into one system, it is obviously challenging.
However, I know the value of challenging and the sense of achievement thanks to my previous work in the huge company which asked me to perform in the limited roles.
Thus, I appreciate the chance to explore all challenges which I defined based on my research and insights from my friends and colleagues.
Again, I appreciate that my commuting routines are good for jogging, cycling, taking bus, any things.
I have multiple options every day, so it’s free to choose any based on my feeling.
One of my long-term goals is to speak multiple languages and travel the world and communicate with all different local people.
Thanks to my working environment, I have chances to speak English, German, and Chinese.
Environment is the best motivation to open my brain toward multi-lingual.
I appreciate that I could take technically any great lectures from Coursera annual subscription.
In addition, there are also so many sources from Youtube and Udemy.
I feel that life is too short to learn all cool stuff via internet.
Of course, I relish the learning from physical relation.
Once pandemic is over, I would like to take painting course to learn about beauty of art.
As a computer vision enthusiast, the room for applying AI in art will be my next TODO.