Everyone has his/her history. When one is young, the direction of one’s life is decided by one’s guardian. Meanwhile, the distance one goes through still depends on one’s willpower. When one is grown up, both directions and distances are made by your decision. Afterward, how you have lived, which is your history is a series of choices.

Then, the following question is what are the criteria to evaluate which decision to make. Internal questioning regarding the direction of your life is very common. Many books are talking about the direction of your life to succeed, and not to regret. Here’s my argument for this question.

Don’t consume too much energy and time in choosing the right direction.

Often two choices have no one divinely right solution. Whatever you choose, this will be your journey. Here’s my philosophy in decision-making.

Unless one decision is obviously wrong, decide concisely.

To explain my point clearly, one example case will be introduced.
Case» Should I work in the same company or accept the offer from the other company?
The moving company seems a very important choice because your most of your time will be spent on the company work. The comparison between the two companies should be processed. Salary, welfare, location, fame, culture, and so on. If one offer is better, it would be easy to pick one. My point is that if two offers’ benefits are similar, then there is no huge benefit over another. In this case, reducing the wasted time and energy will make your life better. One makes difference is, not 0.1 degrees different directional choice, but the distance you can go through with your will-power. Some mathematically oriented people may argue, that mathematically choosing the direction will save your time and energy. It’s true in math, but not in the real case.

Even if you spent a few days making one decision, it is not necessarily the better direction in the uncertain situation.