Does plan matter in business?

Someone says planning is a waste of time because the world changes rapidly, so one’s assumption goes wrong. I have kept this sentence for the last 10 years. Therefore, I focused on the moment, and try to achieve the best out of the current situation. However, by running the business and growing it, I learned that planning matters. Precisely speaking, do plan and execute as soon as possible, and then change the plan from the feedback. In control engineering, however accurate your system is, errors occur in the open system. Only the feedback loop can reduce by making your system closed.

You can lie to me. But you should lose your trust from someone.

In our life, business, family, and love, trust is the essential component. Whoever I have to work with, if one has no trust from me, nothing works. Trust can’t be built in a moment. By having more time with someone, trust naturally increases. However, a short moment is enough to lose the trust developed for years. There’s no such secret to get trust. Just show your authencity in your comments, behaviors, and works.